Themes of Authenticity, Virtue, and Discernment to Living a Personally Significant Life

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Themes of Authenticity, Virtue, and Discernment to Living a Personally Significant Life Yolanda Lara Regis University September 7, 2014 I will be discussing on how to living a personally significant life through Authenticity, Virtue and Discernment. Authenticity can mean different thing to different people. The needs of one’s inner being are different, subjective and often culture bound. Some people base their actions on external pressures – the pressure to appear to be a certain kind of person, the pressure to adopt a particular mode of living, the pressures to ignore one’s own moral objective in order to have a more comfortable existence. In reading “The Martyrdom of Perpetua”, she was willing to sacrifice her life for her faith, even if it went against her father wishes. I am not sure if she understood her reasoning for being so stubborn in her life choices. Therese at a very young age she knew that she would three choices for her life, marriage, live at home as a single women caring for her father or to join the convent. At the age of 14 she told her father that she wanted to join the convent to serve God. Authenticity can be dependent on the individuals finding of faith and becoming true to oneself. The media takes a large role in supporting our beliefs and we do not form our own opinions but develops the opinion made by the news. Prior to my mother’s death, my own belief was within the cultural norm, following the norm was more valuable than being authentic, I thought. The argument was that a persons freedom and courage to act more valuable than the person’s devotion. For the past two years, since my mother’s death, have not been very interested in the church. I believe that I have not lost my faith. After watching the video of Brown, I have addressed the question of what would make a meaningful life, I can move forward with the understanding of
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