Theme Of The Lottery

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In Shirley Jacksons “The lottery”, the author portrays use of many themes throughout the story. Examples of themes in “The Lottery” include, traditional values, following the crowd can lead to dangerous consequences and the third theme which caught my attention was, . Shirley Jackson portrays these themes using a light tone in her short story but as a reader, I noticed not only a dark ending but also dark themes to this short story. The first theme that came across my mind as I was scanning thorough the short story was, traditional values. In relation to this theme, the “old man Warner ‘’ is a perfect symbol of tradition. Throughout the short story, he encourages the traditional values of the past, towards the new generation. This shows when he says “pack of crazy fools listening to young folks, nothing good enough for them.” This clearly indicates that he thinks the lottery is a good idea, simply because it’s a tradition. Another statement Warner uses to encourage his passion for the tradition is when he shouts, “There has always been a lottery” and states that it should continue to happen as part of the tradition. A second theme that Shirley Jackson displayed is that following the crowd can have dangerous consequences. It was obvious that Bill Hutchinson went to his wife and forced her to show the others that she had the slip with the “black spot” after doing so, Tessie is designated as the “winner” and the story states: “The children had stones already”. This line from the story shows that because of the actions of the community, little Davy followed the actions of the crowd and contributed to the stoning of his mother’s death. Another example was shown as, the story states, “the children were already stoning Tessie, and that someone gave little Davy some pebbles, as if it were a game in which he should participate”. This
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