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“The Lottery”. I was very interested in the Shirley Jackson’s short story named “The Lottery” due to its controversial thematic. The author makes a heavy criticism of old traditions blind followed that sometimes people do just because they were told to, by their ancestors. Since the story was presented and, even more, after watching the film about it, I kept thinking regarding the reasons for doing things in life. As I’ve always been a rebel, I was captivated by this story, and in certain way I felt identified with the author because she presents the whole situation as if it was anything normal and quotidian when it is really a deep drama. The naturalness with which people on the story acts in front of their relatives and friends next to a fact that entrains death, looks to me as a loud scream of abnormality, as a desperate ask for help. This town is prisoner of its traditions and they are so rooted that almost everybody accepts it, even if they feel scared. I also remarked that the tittle seems to be anything positive while the reality is that in this “lottery” the prize is the death. This is to me another factor of attachment from the beginning. In addition, this short story resembles in some way to “The Hunger Games” trilogy in which one child of every town is selected to go to a savage fight with other child until death because only one of them can survive. I feel that cruelty of human race is present in many attitudes and these kind of literature comes to remember that. Finally, I believe that it is no bad to read about these themes because they give the reader the opportunity of reflection and self-evaluation. “The Lady or the Tiger” I chose to talk about “The Lady or the Tiger” from Frank R. Stockton because it has a structure and a theme that makes me analyze and think deeply about the fight between the good and the evil into the human being.
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