Their Eyes Were Watching God Comparison

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Cortni Pace Professor Witherspoon English 101.060 1 December 2012 Searching For Love Why must love be flung upon you, instead of finding love in someone yourself? Their Eyes Were Watching God, is a novel, written by African American writer, Zora Neale Hurston in 1937. It was directed by, Darnell Martin. There were also many writers, including: Adam Brooks, Akosua Busia, Bobby Smith Jr., Misan Sagay, and Richard LaGravenese. Besides that, the book, as well as the movie portrayed many aspects of Janie’s life, from childhood, up until adulthood. The movies adaptation is true to the essence of the novel because of the emotions portrayed by the main character (Janie), the conflict between her relationships with men, and the way things…show more content…
She went from working the yard with Logan, to being taken for granted by Joe, to finally finding love with Tea Cake. While with Logan the real conflict was finding love. Janie only wanted to love, but was forced into marrying Logan. He was older than her, and he showed her no affection. He treated her not like a wife, but she was more so his slave. Then came Joe. Janie thought she found true love within him. In reality, she just made his image look good. She was his trophy wife, and he felt as though she was nothing without him. Joe did not allow Janie to fully love him like she wanted. He always treated her as a child, and not his wife. He took advantage of her love, in many ways then one. He started by getting her to leave with him, than he began distancing her from everyone in town. Finally, he began making her cover up her body, and the worst was when he began physically abusing Janie. After Joe passed, Janie was now at peace. Then came Tea Cake. With Tea Cake the only real conflict was the jealousy. Janie felt as though she was too old for him. She figured he was only after her money, and that he spoke to her the same as he spoke to other women. Tea Cake was also jealous towards Mrs. Turner’s brother, while they lived in the Everglades. Because of that, he beat
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