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The Turn Of The Screw Essay

  • Submitted by: jngeorge
  • on February 25, 2009
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Title of novel: The Turn of the Screw

Author’s name: Henry James

Dates for author’s life and country of origin: 1843-1916; England

Year novel was published: 1898

Geographic setting: On a big estate in the country in England

Economic setting: The owner of the estate is very rich, but the country’s economic setting
is never hinted at

Historical setting: Two former employees at the estate had an unrespectful affair and both died

Cultural setting: Sexual topics are a big taboo


Protective governs innocence
Suspicion witnesses supernatural
Hypocritical becomes innocent

Technique: 1st person narrative
-Chapter 7, Page 31 – “’That’s what Flora knows.’” (Governess)
-Chapter 9, Page 37 – “I waited and waited, and the days, as they elapsed, took something from my consternation.” (Governess)
-Chapter 11, Page 44 – “It was not till the next day that I spoke to Mrs. Grose.” (Governess)
-Chapter 15, Page 56 – “What was so unnatural for the particular boy I was concerned with was this sudden revelation of a consciousness and a plan.” (Governess)
-Chapter 20, Page 69 – Just as in the churchyard with Miles, the whole thing was upon us. (Governess)

Technique: Repetition
-Chapter 7, Page 32 – The governess’ suspicion stated at the very end of Chapter 7 is repeated throughout the story.
-Chapter 1, Page 7-8 – The governess’ admiration for the children is repeated.
-Chapter 3, Page 15 – The apparitions that the governess see show up numerous times throughout the book.
-Chapter 5, Page 23 – The governess describes the ghost of Mr. Quint as handsome and good-looking.
-Chapter 11, Page 46 – Miles’ admiration for the governess is seen multiple times.

Technique: Denouement
-Chapter 7, Page 32 – The governess realizes that the children are lost beyond physical control.
-Chapter 3, Page 15 –...

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