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King Louis XIV (14) Biography: - reigned 1643-1715, longest ringing monarch in European history - family name: Bouons - born in 1638, considered a miracle because his parents (Louis XIII and Anne of Austria) were childless after a marriage of over twenty years - father Louis XIII dies when Louis is age 5, advisor Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria continue to follow father's system of rule- centralized power for the king - leads to rebellions by nobility, Louis, Anne and Mazarin flee France to Austria leaving no head of state, eventually chaos erupts because all nobles want to be ruler, and Louis XIV is invited back to rule at age 9, has big distrust of nobility since they tried to assassinate him - distrusts nobility due to his…show more content…
What was the problem and cause of the Scientific Revolution? - Nicholas Copernicus asked by Church to make calendar more accurate (people unsure which day is a special day) - discovered that everything resolves around the sun (heliocentric view) - this challenges the church and he writes a book on it, says Aristotle is wrong, contradicting the church - banned his book Who were some of the major scientists of the Scientific Revolution? Niccolo Tartaglia - Italian artillery expert - wants to make cannonballs more accurate - notices cannon ball has an arch, contradicts Aristotle and church Giovanni Benedetti - friend of

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