The True Cause of the Great War

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The True Cause of The Great War: Who is to Blame? After World War 1 ended many historians had difficulty trying to figure out what was the main cause of the war and why it was so deadly. There are a lot of historians that figure that it was Germany’s fault because the Germans were looking to go to war and wanted conflict with the other countries that were involved, like the tension caused by the Moroccan Crisis. Although there are many historians that look at the formation of the alliances throughout Europe, like the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance, were the cause of World War 1. Furthermore there are others who believe that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, by Gavrilo Princip of Serbia, was the cause of the war. Also there are historians that believe that the ultimatums that Austria-Hungary issued for Serbia to obey, after the assassination, was the cause. Then there was Christopher Clark, who believed that there was no specific event or country that is responsible for the cause of war, in the conclusion of his narrative “The Sleepwalkers,” Clark asks a real important question, “Do we really need to make the case against a single guilty state, or to rank the states according to their respective share in responsibility for the outbreak of war?” This question brings in an important aspect about who is to blame for the first World War, agreeing with this statement a person has to ask is it not everyone who is involves fault? Throughout this paper the argument will be that of supporting Clark’s ideals of there not being just one county blame for the cause of the war but there were many countries involved in the causes that lead to the tragic devastation that most know today as the first Great War. One of the many causes of World War 1 would of course be Germany and there hunger for territory and power. Ever since the unification of the
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