The Sundale Clube

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Case Study- The Sundale Club Introduction The Sundale Club is an athletic and social club with a large membership. Until recently, they have had a desirable reputation and a waiting list of people wanting to become new members. Because of the lack of policies and the internal turmoil, members have begun to leave the club, and two staff members are no longer employed at Sundale. This case study will look at the macro and micro problems facing Sundale, and what the causes of those problems are. It will discuss the systems affected by these problems, and possible solutions. Finally, it will give a recommendation on how Sundale should proceed in order to overcome their current issues. Macro Problems and Causes The main macro problem facing Sundale is their declining membership sales. This problem produces a lack of revenue, which in turn affects all other aspects of the business. The causes behind this problem really stem from the micro problems facing Sundale. However, it can be assumed that Sundale’s competition is offering a more stable, inviting experience for potential customers, which at the macro level is contributing to Sundale’s loss of customers Micro Problems and Causes The list of micro problems at Sundale is very large. First, and largest, is the interpersonal turmoil between the staff members. The head of Sundale, Mr. Watts, is retiring soon and has disengaged himself from the business, hoping to quietly finish his employment without any controversy. Also, Sundale does not have an appropriate hierarchy of power, allowing those higher up to hire or promote individuals based on their personal relationship rather than on qualifications. This policy led to the hiring of Mr. Johnson. Johnson does not fit into the team; his behaviors are inappropriate and have caused customers to leave Sundale. Added to this, his hiring and subsequent

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