The Spanish Inquisition Primary Sources

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Jennifer Lopez Prof. Burnham World History 10/24/12 Primary Sources Title: The Spanish Inquisition Objective: This essay analyzes the formation and features of the Spanish Inquisition as an ideology of the fifteenth century. It also explains the motives of the emergence of the inquisitorial Spain. The first cited sourced that I picked was from the book “The Origins of the Inquisition” in Fifteenth Century Spain, written by B. Netanyahu published in 1995. His master work is divided into sections regarding the Inquisitorial origins, its rulers, its failures and triumphs, and moreover about its motives. I picked this book since Netanyahu covers a very well detailed historical background about the origins of the Spanish inquisition; which provides the main sources of my first point of the essay. Another source cited is the “The Spanish Inquisition, a History” by Joseph Perez and translated by Janet Lloyd, published in 2005. The information obtain out this book refers to the specific groups who were mostly affected within inquisitorial Spain, such groups were the Jews, and the Muslims, etc, who were removed from the Spaniard society by the Catholics Kings and the pope of that time. My second point of this essay is based on these ethnic groups. An additional source that I chose for my analysis was the “The Spanish Inquisition and the Inquisitorial Mind” by Angel Alcala. This sources provides a compilations of several anthologies of many writers who give a detailed summary of the structures, patterns and historical background regarding the Inquisitorial Spain and reformation of the Church in the northern hemisphere of medieval Europe. I picked this sources because it provides a summary of facts that I need for the explanation of how this movement affected the spirituality, religious beliefs and culture of many families through out Spain.
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