The Sound of Peace

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Beau C 2013/12/11 The Sound of Peace Life has its ups and downs, some win some and some lose some. The ultimate goal is to fulfill the destiny in which life has chosen for you. Although the path to fulfilling that destination is not very clear we must learn from our mistakes and make the best of our blessings. The complications that arise in life can stem from many different degrees and angles. Problems dealing with society, government, natural disasters (nature). Conflicts like these arise daily to many different people, how one decides to deal with it though is what makes them part of the problem or part of the solution. In Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things” the speaker teaches that one should be able to find peace because the world is full of grief’s and pains that everyone must overcome. By using imagery Berry is able to illustrate a picture in the reader’s mind of what it is truly like to find peace within nature. The poem is there to teach the reader how to obtain peace within nature or at least get an idea of how to achieve it. Similar to that poem is Maxine Kumin’s poem “The Sound of Night”, the theme behind this poem is closely related to living in fear of the unknown. Many people think of night as silent and peaceful, however the author in this case uses imagery to symbolize the liveliness that actually is the sound of night. Pretty much bringing a new light to the world of night as we know it, by giving the night liveliness the author creates a very energetic tone in the conflict between human vs. nature. “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry and “The Sound of Night” by Maxine Kumin, imagery in natures symbolizes relinquishment in the first step toward renewing vision and finding internal peace. One might find themselves pondering thoughts either positive or negative. Either way it can take a toll to the mental and emotional state of
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