Robert Frost "the Pasture And Cow In Apple Time"

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Robert Frost Essay Robert Frost was an American poet. His work frequently talked about rural life in England during the early twentieth century. Frost’s poetry is highly recognized and has won many prizes.His last two poems I have read were entitled “The Pasture” and “The Cow in Apple-Time”. Frost uses words and images to invite the reader to explore nature. Frost’s point of view towards nature is very respectful and he appreciates it greatly. In the poem “The Pasture” Robert Frost is doing chores in his farm, but he is with a loved one and is inviting him/her to come along and enjoy nature with him. I believe that this poem has a message, life is too short, and nature’s beauty so fleeting, that we should make an excuse to see it as much as we can. In the poem Frost wants to intrigue the character, to come and watch nature with him. He uses phrases like “I’m going out to fetch the little calf, That’s standing by the mother. It’s so young. It totters when she licks it with her tongue.”, this is to show how he respects nature around him and he believes it’s sensitive and venerable. In this poem Frost wants the person he is addressing, to come, explore and enjoy nature with him. The cow in “The Cow in Apple-Time” also enjoys nature. She has trespassed to a farm full of apple trees and is tempted to eat them. “Her face is flecked with pomace and she drools.” The cow has broken the rules just to get to the apples, but when she eats them, her milk goes dry. So this is more or less like a lesson, that states the cow has gone out of its bounds to serve itself, and too much of anything isn’t good. Frost uses nature to explain, a very important lesson, that us human have lacked to understand. Robert Frost enjoys nature and respects it. Frost uses words and images to intrigue the reader to explore nature. We could understand his point of view

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