The Simpsons Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis The Simpsons goes Legos on their new episodes! The Simpsons production team is showcasing a new episode of the long-running animated sitcom. The Simpson’s producers and stuff had worked on this episode for almost two years, it started last 2012 and they are now ready to showcase their filled with blocks The Simpsons Lego episode. On the trailer of this Episode “Brick like Me” we will see the new faces of the Simpsons. Executive producers Brian Kelley and Matt Selman are the responsible behind this great Idea to make an episode of fully Lego-fied Simpson’s character and all Springfield. On their new Ad for this episode they are trying to persuade people that this is going to be a new and full blast episode. It is not the typical the Simpson’s episode’s that we always watch on the past 20 years. In order to make this episode more…show more content…
On this episode of the Lego Simpsons it is more child friendly view of the spring field where everything is made by Legos. Because it is on the Lego reality theme where the characters is going to be Legos which let them do some more physical gags than they could use in a regular Simpsons episode. “This Episode of the Simpsons is funnier and humorous than ever” the producers said. The success of the Lego movie of this year makes a pre look for what it would be look like on the new episode of the Lego Simpson’s. On the trailer of this episode give us a glimpse on the new Lego Simpsons where they can do more extra ordinary thing that they can’t do on the previews episodes. For example when someone was hit on a running car he would be crush but on this new episode he’ll just reassembled his body after hitting in a car and he will be fine again no blood shed on this

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