The Seven Deadly Sins (Applied to School)

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The Seven Deadly Sins are committed everyday by just about everyone. You see it everywhere you go: out to eat, at the store, at an amusement park. It’s in the human nature to sin (usually not to a great extent) at some point. This can range from a variety of things. It can go from telling a little white lie to a friend, to stealing an “M&M” from your brother’s candy bag. Whatever extends you chose to take; it’s still a sin that should not be committed. I personally have seen “little” sins and a (in my opinion) actual “deadly” sin. A “deadly” or huge sin I’ve seen was when I witnessed a liquor store robbery or seeing Casey Anthony on the news. However, very rarely I see sins like this (at least in person). I do see typical sins everywhere I go, one place would be is my school. The Seven Deadly Sins are (as of now) avarice, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, pride, and wrath. Avarice is defined as extreme greed for wealth or material gain. I have witness this on Lake Sumter Community College campus in my computer class. Every day we had class we would have a no topic discussion for the first ten minutes of class. My professor believed this was a way to “free the mind” and for everyone to get more acquainted with each other. In this class there was the older gentleman in my class (I will not name drop another student). Whenever this student would talk he would discuss his future plans. He said how he wanted to become a doctor and make a lot (he was emphasized the word a lot) of money. I myself am pursuing the career of my choice because it is what I’m passionate about. I do not seek (even though the salary is quite nice) money is pursuing my career. One of the other sins is sloth. Sloth is defined as neglecting what God says, or being physically or emotionally inactive. I also have witnessed this in my computer. However when I give my example please keep in mind that I

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