Essay On Al Capone

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Joshua Clements The source I will be analysing is a picture of Al Capone on the front cover of Time magazine. This source is from the 24th of March 1930. This means that this photo is a primary source. The source is useful itself because we can learn some things from it as well. One of the things we can learn is that people either hated or loved Al Capone. We can also learn that Al Capone, who was one of the greatest alcohol smugglers in America, wasn’t afraid to get his face out to the government as he knew they couldn’t catch him. On one hand, this source is partly useful in finding out some of the views of prohibition in many ways whether their positive or if their negative. One of the ways this tells us about the views of prohibition…show more content…
The way this could be shown is by the fact that, once again, Capone is on the front page. The reason this may be a negative view is because he might be on the front page. This might be to warn people about him and to remind them about prohibition. It could also be showing that prohibition was causing more crime than it was helping. This I know some magazines did. There is some things that don’t refer to my knowledge in this photo and that is why they are talking about prohibition now as everyone knew Capone was bootlegging alcohol and police were looking for him. This could mean that this source is unreliable. There are few other reasons that the source is unreliable. For instance, the purpose of the magazine may be unreliable. This is because maybe one of Capone’s men may have forced the editor to make this picture and article. Maybe they thought that he needed to tell people prohibition was good so that Capone could make more money or say it’s bad so they wouldn’t be wanted by the police. This may mean that this article may be biased mainly towards no prohibition. This could also tell us some of the views on prohibition. In conclusion, I think that the source I analysed was useful about telling us some of the views on prohibition. It tells us things like some thought its was not needed, and also that it was causing more crime than it was
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