The Role of Money in Youth Life Essay

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The role of money in the life of youth Yelubayeva Assel Finance 3B Suleyman Demirel University ABSTRACT Young people - one of the groups that face many challenges in a market economy. The purpose of this research paper is to test the hypothesis that the money takes the main place among the values of youth. Both qualitative (study of literature, analysis) and quantitative (empirical: a sociological survey) method were used. The object of study: values of youth. Subject of study: money in the value system of youth. The sample is comprised of 100 schoolchild from Almaty schools; data was collected between January 2015 and February 2015. The study shows that the needs of young people in recent years have increased, many students understand the function of money as a means of measure of value and store of value, and young people are increasingly focused on material success. Work is useful to everyone interested in the problems of youth. Key words: Market economy, measure of value, values of youth INTRODUCTION In the transition of our country from a planned to a market economy, the role of money in our country has increased dramatically. If earlier there were deficit of goods and people were looking for ways to spend their money on something useful, now there is a deficit of money. Modern young people - is the largest part of the population. They face with many challenges, one of which is a drop in the social value of work, the prestige of a number of important social professions. Recent studies show that youth prefers not so much interesting in content of professions as financially advantageous. Research topic "The role of money in the life of young people" interested me, because a large part of young people fit into the new economy. Youth today is part of the new social strata. For the poorest in society goes more elderly segment of the population who

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