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The Road Not Taken Analysis

  • Submitted by: ilovedad
  • on May 29, 2012
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The Best Poem Ever
The Road Not Taken
Daniel Berglas

The poem “The Path Not Taken” written by Robert frost is one of the most well-known and discussed poems ever written. Critics still debate until this very day about what the true meaning and intent of this poem is. The poem is about a man faced with a decision in the forest, to choose between two paths. He looks at both paths and they seem equally travelled, neither one seems to be any greater than the other. The speaker then chooses the second path while leaving the ”first for another day”(13). He goes on to later claim that the one he had chosen was the path “less travelled”(19) however evidenced by the title “a path not taken” and the sigh the speaker offers in the fourth stanza, it is clear that his mind could never get over the possibilities the first road possessed. Throughout the poem the subject is attempting to assure himself that the decision made was correct but is unable to do so. He knows he would be better off not regretting and thinking of his decision and is telling the reader that it is best to stick with your decision and not wonder about the “other path”. The poetic devices used in the poem are essential to this understanding the true meaning and message the poet is relaying to the reader. The poem is far from simplistic and to truly recognize its meaning one must look much deeper than the literal words that are written and instead analyze the poetic devices used in the piece. The poem “The path not taken” is the best poem ever because of its brilliant use of symbolism, metaphor, imagery, personification, and tone that illustrates and accentuates this underlying and prevalent theme of the poem.
The poem is dealing with an event that occurs numerous times in a life time to every single individual, a situation where one must make a choice , choose a path in life. In the poem there are two roads, two symbolic paths, the speaker can take while stuck in the forest and almost certainly “could...

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