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Explanation On "The Road Not Taken" Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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The poem titled "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is about a person looking back on a choice they once had to make. The way things turned out are not said to be good or bad. The narrator states that the choice they made has made “all the difference” in the way his life has changed.
        This poem is about the importance of choices made in ones life. The poem begins with the narrator regretting that he had not been able to take both paths instead of being forced to take just one to one. This person looked as far as he could to see what was ahead on both of the roads he could have taken, but he could only see as far as where the path turned and disappeared in the underbrush. In the second stanza the person says they took the other road because it was grassy and wanted wear but, it was not much more worn than the other road. The third stanza says both of the roads were covered in leaves and had not been walked on frequently. This was to the extent that the leaves covering them had not been made black from the feet of other travelers. The person also says that they continued on the road they chose, and because they knew that one way leads to another “way lead on to way" the person doubted they would ever return to this part of the road. Finally, this person says they will tell the story when time had passed and they were older that he had the choice of taking only one road, and taking the one he did made a big difference in their life.
      The most important fact of the theme is the way Frost compares roads to options or choices a person can make in their lifetime. By the narrator regretting he could only take one path it means they do not have the chance to take many directions in their life at a single time to see how each will play out. This is because he cannot look ahead to see where each choice might lead or where the next choices in each of those roads will lead them. This person has to only choose one road and see where it will lead to and what other...

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