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W. Edward Echard The Republican Party: An Entire Analysis of the Party as a Whole Political parties, as most citizens of the United States know them today, have changed dramatically from those set forth just after this country's founding. The Republican party in particular did not even exist as a major party until 1854. Through evolution of ideas and policies desired to be carried out, the Republican party went from a concept of ideas to one of the two most powerful political groups in the country. Republicans have their own view of how the government should operate, as well as opinions on strong, country defining issues. The country's first president, George Washington, belonged to no political party at all. He actually condemned…show more content…
A strong sense of morals and religion was also a key factor in the party, which would later lay a foundation for the party that would fill in when they would collapse: The Republicans. In the early 1850's, the Whig's began to see a collapse with the death of Henry Clay. Both parties danced around the issue of slavery, which eventually came into main focus when the topic of whether the western states would be slave states, or free states. When the Kansas-Nebraska Act was proposed, both parties were split, with southern Democrats and Whigs both supporting the Act while their northern counterparts strongly opposed it. By the time the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed in 1854, the Whigs had dwindled in number and members of the "Conscious Whigs" looked to start a new party in opposition of slavery. A group met in Wisconsin at a small meeting and the "Republican" third party was…show more content…
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor quickly ended the first debate, as the United States collectively wanted to fight back to the world at war around them, as well as help allies. However the republican party was split on the New Deal issue. The northern republicans, with a more liberal view, were not for the New Deal, but sought to revise it, unlike the western and Midwest republicans who hated it from the beginning. With Roosevelt's death allowing Truman to take office, as well as the end of the war cause labor unions and other entities to erupt in massive strikes, allowing the Republicans to gain control of the House for the first time since 1928 in

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