The power of journeys

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Can a journey really be defined by the distance travelled? Or can we gain a better understanding from the experiences we encounter along the way? In many cases people focus their attention on a destination and disregard the passage in which we are taken there, the exhilaration we feel, the things we learn and the positive and negative complications we are confronted with. Journeys possess the power to reveal the importance and significance of each experience. A journey can be very simplistic or it can be very complex, a journey can be triggered by an unconscious compulsion or we can find ourselves propelled into new circumstances forcing us to embrace the journey. Many journeys hold the power to enlighten and provide us with an exhilarative and reflective experience. Journey The North Coast by Robert Gray immediately thrusts the reader into the journey experience at the beginning of the poem. Gray uses his personal train journey experience to his home to establish the excitement and elation that are associated with journeys through the use of effective language. In this poem we find ourselves a participant on the journey and we are able to share in Gray’s experience. The poem begins with a sense of immediacy and movement “Next thing I wake up” this makes the journey have a sense of urgency. The experience seems more real as Gray uses similes “as though on board a clipper lying in the sea”. Gray uses auditory imager to provide the poem with a real sensation, “that booms and cracks”. Through the use of travel we understand the power journeys have on us. Gray uses the poem as a way to show his appreciation of the beauty of nature, he illustrates that true happiness can only be achieved when you are at peace with nature. Gray demonstrates that to be happy with yourself you must be at harmony with the natural environment. Gray is able to escape the city and journey
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