The Passion of Love Triggers Jealousy for Jean and Maren

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Sometimes our environments and feelings can trigger personalities that may be harmful to one’s self or someone else. In The Weight of Water, Anita Shreve portrays the lives of two different women experiencing some similar difficulties that cause them to commit treacherous acts of crime involving the people closest to them. The setting of the story plays a role in the decision-making of Jean losing her daughter Billie and Maren murdering Anethe and Karen. (Anethe? Karen? You need to introduce them here, rather than later, as readers could be confused..) Imagery is displayed as Jean struggles with the relationship she has with her husband Thomas, while Maren has built up resentment towards Anethe, her brother’s wife and her own sister, Karen. Jean revisits Smutty Nose Island where Maren has previously committed a crime to try and understand why and how she did it, but ends up committing a crime of her own. Does resentment solely result in failure of one’s self? Although Jean and Maren have two completely different situations regarding jealousy because of their passion for love, the elements of imagery, setting, and characterization help develop the women’s thoughts and actions in the novel. First and foremost, the setting of Jean and Maren’s lives are very similar in the fact that they resided in rough climates with unbearable living conditions. Jean, her young daughter Billie, and her husband Thomas travel to Smuttynose Island. Jean’s husband’s brother, Rich as well as his girlfriend, Adaline, accompany them. She is conducting a photo-essay on the island of Smuttynose to learn more about the murders of Anethe and Karen in 1873. The two couples arrive there on a small Morgan 41 sailboat as Jean explains; “We are four adults and one child forced to live agreeably together in a space no bigger than a small bedroom, and that space almost always damp. The sheets are

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