The New Apostolic Reformation

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The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR): The Reality of the Apostate Church through the NAR Movement Christopher McKinster Crown College ENG 131 Professor J. Hamer April 19, 2013 Abstract The NAR or the “New Apostolic Reformation” is the fastest growing movement on the planet, and very few people know anything about it. The teachings that will be discussed will show that they are false when compared to the inerrancy of Scripture. The Biblical scholars of our day who know about it and share a passion for getting at the truth will also give their insight. The Bible has many passages of Scripture that are difficult to understand, but one must adhere to the basics of interpretation that carry the load of exegesis and helpful hermeneutics. All Christians must be able to give a defense for the hope that is in them, so that the truth will be upheld in every circumstance. The New Apostolic Reformation The teachings of the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) are nothing new they have been around before the 1950’s, which scholars believe connect to the “Latter Rain Movement”. Many of the leaders in NAR were involved with the “Latter Rain” movement such as, C. Peter Wagner, Bob Jones, and Rick Joyner, just to name a few. The Assemblies of God actually refuted this movement in 1949. “Satan sold them the lie that "unity" is the principal thing and thus they dethroned and eventually jettisoned purity and truth. Then they themselves taught the cultish lie, that to speak or even think negatively about anything is wrong.” (Stringfellow, 1997, p.1). The term The New Apostolic Reformation NAR was invented for the purpose of starting a new reformation movement in Christianity. The members of the NAR are all self-proclaimed apostles and prophets and many pastor their own church. Their mission is to unite all believers as they use the false teaching of Kingdom

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