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The Manhunt When I read the title of this poem, my initial thought is that the poem is going to be about a search for someone, however when I read the poem, I realised that this was more of a metaphor for the real meaning. The poem is about a woman who has been reacquainted with her partner, returning from the army. ‘The Manhunt’ as a title suggests that the woman is searching for the man that she loves and cares for, within the hurt and broken man that she is faced with. My first impressions of the way the poem is written, are that it is broken into many stanzas, and also uses frequent metaphors. The broken stanzas reflect the broken nature of the relationship, and the metaphors are used to create imagery. I think that the adjectives used to describe the husbands’ body are the most important, because they give us a clear insight on the love that the persona feels for her partner, and for the fragile state that he has been left in. For example, she describes his collar bone to be made of ‘porcelain’, which is white, and extremely fragile. The use of this word gives a very gentle image to the mind, and something that you should care for. He is pure and delicate, and should be treated like porcelain. Another example is where she describes his lungs as ‘parachute silk’. This again is something that would be described as very precious. The metaphor again makes sense in the context, as a parachute holds air, however does still contrast with our ideas of men who are in the army, as silk is again a delicate material. The writer chooses to use many poetic devices to portray this poem in the way that he means to. He uses many metaphors, almost in each stanza, for example ‘the frozen river that ran through his face’ in stanza two. This idea suggests something that is ‘frozen’ on his face. This could be referring to a scar that he might have endured during his time in the

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