Manhunt by Simon Armitage Essay

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The Manhunt by Simon Armitage This poem is about a wife who is trying in vain to care for her husband who has been severely injured in war, and she is talking about his injuries. First off this type of poem is known as a ‘Laura’s Poem’, because it is written from the point of the wife, the use of ‘The’ in the title of the poem is a definite article, rather than just calling it ‘Manhunt’. The first and second stanza are suggestive of the story, the structure of the poem, is progressive, as each stanza is made up of two lines, a couplet. The progressive nature of the structure suggests that he is slowly coming to trust his wife to look after him, and she says ‘after the first phase, after passionate nights and intimate days’, this suggests that he has only just come back from the front line, and that she will still love him no matter what he looks like, as the poem uses strong metaphors to describe the injuries that he has injured. In the second stanza, she says ‘only then would he let me trace’, this tells the reader how sever his injuries are and how he is only now coming to trust her enough to look at his injuries, and she describes a ‘frozen river which ran through his face’. This is a metaphor for the raw emotions caused by the injuries are frozen beneath. In the 3rd stanza, the wife describes how only now ‘would he let me explore the blown hinge of his lower jaw, this suggests to the reader that his jaw is shattered, this would mean that he can’t talk and can’t articulate his thoughts to his wife, this relates back the idea of the frozen river, with the raw emotion frozen inside as he has no discernible methods of getting them out. In the 4th stanza, the poet says ‘handle and hold the damaged, porcelain collar-bone,’ she is using alliteration, which shows that she is being gentle and comparing him to porcelain, which is damaged very easily and
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