The Long Telegram and Nsc- 68

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The Long Telegram and NSC- 68 George Kennan’s long telegram was a response letter to the Soviet’s position. He was basically saying that we could not make ends meet with the Soviet Union because of their philosophy and suspicious leadership. He also, felt capitalism and communism would never mesh under communism. He felt the Soviet Union would try and spread communism globally to attack capitalism and stop western ideas from spreading in communist countries. Kennan predicted the types of laws the Soviet would try to make to defeat the U.S. and explained why we should accept them. Keenan believed that we did not have to go to war to put a stop to the Soviet Union, although this letter leads to the Cold War. Kennan felt the Union would eventually collapse on their own because they were built on weak principles like isolationism and fear. Kennan in all was trying to make the United States stand up for what we knew was right, if the U.S got stronger in political and economic influences we could stop communism and the Soviet Union. The NSC-68 was way more aggressive than the Long Telegram instead of discussion; the NSC-68 was more direct. It pointed out the enemy and stated how to handle them. It was trying to protect the U.S foreign policy; our own nation and safeguard the free world from communism. NSC asked for a bigger, threatening, more qualified military, and remained top secret up until 1975. Every nation was trying to meet the free world but with communism spreading it made it impossible. This is why the U.S started to defend other countries to essentially make the world a better place. The significance of the chronological order was the Long Telegram was the proposal for the Cold War indirectly in 1946. Then in 1949 USSR detonates their first atomic bomb. In 1950, the President received the NSC-68 insisting that we get a hydrogen bomb ready for nuclear
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