The Lindbergh Case: Who Did It?

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The Lindbergh Case: Who Did It? ¨Latest figures show that 9.2 million children under- five are dying every year¨ (¨Child Mortality¨). The Lindbergh case involves a twenty month old baby who was kidnapped and murdered in the middle of the day while everyone was home. It all began when the maid left his room after he fell asleep. Although this happened in the twentieth century, they still have not truly figured out who the kidnapper was. The mystery behind the Lindbergh baby can be summed up in two theories: Bruno Richard Hauptmann or others being the kidnapper and murderer. While the Lindbergh case is not new, a lot of theorists find trying to figure out exactly what happened entertaining. Although some people disagree on who the kidnapper/murderer…show more content…
To begin with, Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the man most people believe kidnapped and murdered the child, was captured after an employee at a gas station recognized one of the marked bills used to pay for the child’s location (Sifakis 534). In addition, people reported Hauptmann having great woodworking skills and a previous criminal record when he came to the United States (Klein). This claim is imperative because very few people knew of his previous criminal file, and that he was capable of using his personal interests to kidnap the child. Also, many people know that Hauptmann used wood from his attic for the ladder used in the crime and used handwritten notes to get across to the parents. ¨Throughout repeated investigations, the state has concluded that Mr. Hauptmann was linked to the ladder used in the kidnapping, to the hand-written ransom demands and to the ransom money¨ (¨Museum and New Jersey Are at Odds Over Files¨). Undoubtedly, on February 13, 1935, Hauptmann became a suspect and soon convicted of murder because they found over $15,000 of the marked bills in his home and the wood added to the ladder was from his attic floor (Lee 2). Because so many things point in Hauptmann’s direction, theorists have every right to believe he really did do…show more content…
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