The Islamic Culture Proposal Paper

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The Islamic Culture: Teachings, Practice and Misconception Whitney Vanater Chamberlain College of Nursing 2013 For our course project I have chosen to discuss the Islam culture, including but not limited to: the background information of Islamic culture, how it has progressed throughout the years, the Islamic teachings, values, beliefs and goals of the religion as a whole, and the misconceptions about the religion along with the impact the religion has on different societies around the world. This topic is probably one of the most controversial subjects at this time in relation to cultural diversity and religion. Ever since 9-11 discrimination against the Islamic culture has sky rocketed. From an American standpoint I can see the obvious surface value discrimination, considering 9-11 was executed by Radical Islamic and caused such devastation to human life and emotional well being. That being said, not everyone who is Muslim had a hand in the devastation of 9-11 and they do not deserve to be discriminated against and hated for simply practicing their religion. In America we boast about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, yet we decide to condemn and judge people by how they look, talks and what religion they practice. In this paper I plan on doing extensive research so that I too can fully understand the Islamic culture. I want to research both the radical side of Islam but also cover the everyday people who simply practice a religion and worship their God. I will specifically compare the Islamic culture and teachings to the ways of Christianity and Judaism. I also will discuss the dynamics between Muslim and non-Muslim communication and interactions. By the end of my research I hope I can separate the radical Islamic groups that society places discrimination and judgment on and the normal, everyday people of the religion who have not done any

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