The Responsibilities Of A Father In Western Society

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Eastern and western societies have negative and positive sides. The eastern societies are conservative where people live easy life and eat healthy food. People there have the same culture and religion. Furthermore, parents educate their children to respect their parents, family, teachers, and society. When a family moves to the western societies such as the United States, its members feel the huge difference between the two societies. Those contradictions shock the parents who believe that their children are culturally shocked more than anyone else. The fathers always feel the responsibility to protect their families and their children against any bad things in the western societies and to help their children to profit from all opportunities which those societies have. In addition, the father has to be smart to select the way that works best in every situation. The responsibilities of an eastern society father towards his children here in the U.S. can be classified based on their purpose. Transmitting the father’s religion and thoughts to the children is very important to maintain their identity. My family and I came from a conservative society; our religion is Islam, and we moved to a Christian society. I have to teach my daughters my religion and how to practice it in their own lives with respect to others’ religions. I try hard to teach them the true Islam because I do not need them among those who use Islam in a wrong way to kill or to hurt others. Furthermore, I do not want them to be among those who do not believe in God and worship money and themselves. I work hard to put in my daughters’ minds and hearts how to worship the creator of this world, not the creations. As a father, I teach my daughters how to practice Islam in life, and I want them to feel the presence of God everywhere; therefore, he always sees and knows what his believers do, either good or

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