The Handling of War Economy Was Poorly Coordinated and This Accounts for the Weaknesses in German War Production in the Years 1939 – 1945. How Far Do You Agree?

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The handling of war economy was poorly coordinated and this accounts for the weaknesses in German war production in the years 1939 – 1945. How far do you agree? It is fair to say that the poor coordination contributed a significant amount in the weaknesses that were apparent in German war production between the years 1939 to 1945, but only to an extent. Poor coordination being a strong contributing factor, along with the idea that there was no central power, with different people controlling different areas of the Nazi party, for example, Goebbels heading up the propaganda machine and Himmler running the SS. There are both strengths and weaknesses that support the idea that the weaknesses in German war production was down to poor coordination within the war economy. Some of the strengths include the amount of war ministries that were set up at the time, with the main one being the Ministry of Armaments with Albert Speer at the head. Military expenditure was another reason that contributes to the idea that the economy was poorly coordinated, as more concentration was put on matters that were not that significant. Statements made against this idea would be that German’s military production did not increase at the same rate as its enemies, such as Britain and the USA. Fighting between some of the leading Nazi’s also meant that it would have been near impossible to put together an effective economy with all missions heading towards the same aim. It is fair to say that the strengths towards this statement highly outweigh the weaknesses, as the war economy was very poorly coordinated due to the many factors that contributed to German war production decreasing. In February of 1942, Albert Speer was appointed as Minister of Armaments, which at the time was a crucial role in the Nazi’s dominant mechanism. This was became the centralising ministry amongst all
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