The Great Gatsby Themes Of Guilt Quotes

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The driving force in the novel is the theme of guilt. Guilt is the state of being when one realizes that they have gone against what they morally believe is right. Guilt discontinues ones growth and prevents one from moving forward in life. It causes someone to feel bad for what they had done and makes them think of ways to make the situation better. The feeling of guilt is ones moral self telling one that they have done a wrong in some way. To overcome guilt, one must face their shadow and not only forgive what they did but also forgive himself/herself. “ Furthermore I felt myself tied to her by the certainty that I was responsible for her staying wits, the disorder of her marriage, and the frail body of the child who was the greatest delight in life.“ (page 24) Ramsay felt that since the snowball hit Ms. Dempster instead of himself, that he was responsible for her simple mindedness.…show more content…
In the cartoon, there is an older man trying to pull a very large cinder block behind him on a long winding path. The cinder block is suppose to represent the guilt you must pull on the long path of life. People have two options, one is too suffer by pulling this very heavy and very large cinder block down the path; the other is to choose to let go of the cinder block and walk along the path with no weight keeping you back. In the case of Fifth Business, Dunstan Ramsay decides to not let go of his guilt and pull it with him through life. If Dunstan learned to forgive himself for what had happened, he would not still be dealing with Ms. Dempster. He would be able to live on his life and not have to worry about the problems of others. By Dunstan holding onto this guilt for so many years before, he has grown an old man in the past. What I mean is that since he held onto this guilt, on the outside he looks old and wise when really in the inside, he is still that child erasing the chalk from Ms Dempsters mail
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