The Fog Of War: Mcnamara And The Vietnam War

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The Fog of War: McNamara and the Vietnam War The Fog of War is a documentary film directed by Errol Morris about former secretary of defense, Robert McNamara. The term fog of war most nearly means that it is unclear what one should do in certain circumstances. This confusion is demonstrated multiple times with McNamara in this documentary. This film covers all of McNamara’s war experiences from the end of World War I to the war in Vietnam. Robert McNamara should definitely take a large portion of responsibility for the Vietnam War but should also be thanked in a sense from where we can learn from his failures. McNamara is commonly known as a war criminal for having tried to win a war that was impossible to win. The war in Vietnam began with McNamara and John F. Kennedy and escalated by Lyndon B. Johnson who for the most part micro managed the entire war. Kennedy and McNamara wanted to control Vietnam because they were scared China would take over Vietnam and turn it communist and if that were to happen it was believed that all the other countries around Vietnam would fall under communist rule. The consequences and the lives lost in the Vietnam War classify as bad judgment by the masterminds of it. McNamara and all the others involved were clueless about Vietnam; all they thought they had to do was use their military superiority in the correct way to keep communism from spreading. The most crucial mistake McNamara made was when he had doubts about the United State’s possibilities of actually winning the war and did nothing about it. He did not want to argue to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson that we should have withdrew from Vietnam. By doing this, more cities were destroyed, approximately 58,000 dead American causalities, and countless more Vietnamese. Through McNamara’s mistakes as Secretary of Defense, we will hopefully be able to
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