The Fly Essay

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The Fly "The Fly" by Karl Shapiro, a Pulitzer prize winner has strong feelings of disgust about flies. He attempts to destroy every fly that he encounters, and he lets the reader know his opinion regarding the life of a fly, and he describes the disgusting life of a fly. Throughout the poem, the narrarator expresses his feelings of disgust towards flies. He immediately compares the flies to a " o hideous little bat" and even goes as far as to say that they are "the size of snot". The narratator also uses words to describe the life of a fly such as "you dot all whiteness with dimuntive stool" Meaning that it excretes its stool wherever it lands this is one such example of the narrator describing the disgusting nature of the fly. Another such way that the narrator depicts the disgusting lifestyle of the is when he compares the filthieness of the fly to that of a maggot. The maggot is most commonly associated with filth and the narrator makes this connection with the following quote "burrow with hungry head / and inlay maggots like a jewel" The narrarator of the poem, "The Fly", attempts to destroy every fly that he encounters out of his sheer hatred for the creatured but instead of just killing the creature and doing it in a calm and collected manner he does it with hatred that is driven by his loathing of the fly. "Shod in disease, you dare to kiss my hand/ which sweeps against you like an angry flail." This statement made by the narrarator is an example of the way he attacks the fly, instead of just swatting it with a newspaper or other article he swats at it with his hand and he does it with a sense of entitlement and thus illustrated by the word "dare". Every time a fly goes near or lands on his hand, he greets it with a slapping motion; a move not to paralyze or injure, but to kill. The narrarator's drive to kill the fly is met with more and more
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