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The Genius English & Coaching Classes-9822356746 The Express - Sir Stephen Spender. Q. Write a critical appreciation of the poem ‘The Express’. Ans:- The Express is a poem written by Sir Stephen Spender (1909-95). By this poem the poet had carried the meaning of Music At the same time he has compared human life with the speed & Music of train. This poem is taken from the book Collected Poems. This poem shows Spender’s attempt to expand the language of modern poetry. He tried to use words and expression from industry, machinery and science. In this poem he has poetically described the train and its movements. Let’s see in detail The Music of Motion:- We know that Stephen Spender is famous poet of war. But here he has handled a new subject i.e. the express train which is symbol of speed and music of human life. Here, the Express train is a symbol of human life. When the train starts it makes powerful sound that she is going to make noise of the piston. The Train is compared with queen. It is so because Queen does not listen to anybody. When the train leaves the station…show more content…
‘The Express’ is a title which throws light on the speed. We call ‘express’ to which has a great speed. It is said that title should be like sign board of a shop. It must attract reader’s attention. Thus, the title of the poem is Apt. It attracts our attention. Train passes through cemetery she is not afraid of death when she come out of the city the speed increases. It says that when we have no restriction then we give all our strength. Gathering the speed she acquires mystery. She goes on screaming at the curve. Then she passes through tunnels, there is noise of breaks & bolts. At last she comes to Edinburgh or Rome. Now, it is Night. The light looks like phosphorous. She cannot be equal to anyone. Thus, The Express is a symbol of fast

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