The Executioner's Sang Persuasive Speech

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Introductions Where Alabama inmates fade into old age: How would you feel if you had been in prison for so long that you’d forgotten why you were in there in the first place? How would you feel if you were so weak that you had to lie in your cell all day with tubes going in and out of your body just to keep you alive? How about if you were so weak that you couldn’t even go to the bathroom by yourself? That’s the harsh reality of some of the inmates in the prison for the aged and disabled in Hamilton, Alabama which you can read about in the article by Rick Bragg, New York Times, November 1st, 1995. Gary Gilmore’s letter to Nicole: What goes through the mind of a man who has murdered two other men? Does he feel remorse or doesn’t he have that feeling? Does he have any feelings at all? That’s the subjects that the 35 year old Gary Gilmore writes about in his letter to his girlfriend Nicole Barrett. Read about a mans feelings, about how he deals with reality and with being a murderer in the extract from Norman Mailer’s documentary novel “The Executioner’s Song” from 1979. The Modern Servant:…show more content…
What is going to happen, when you grow up? Will you become a teacher, tradesman, doctor, or do you have other dreams about choice of career? How will your parents, or even your whole family act, when you tell them, you want to become a nanny? The young teenagers in the text “The modern servant “ have chosen their future. But how are their parents’ attitudes? Some of the parents got angry when they heard that their little girl, who was going to the university, chose to start a training course to become a qualified nanny instead. The three teenagers in the text followed their hearts, and that’s the only right

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