Looking For Alibrandi Novel Analysis

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Association With Adolescence The novel, “Looking for Alibrandi”, is a novel written by Melina Marchetta and is targeted towards adolescents. There are many associations with adolescence throughout the novel. Examples of this include the arguments that Josephine Alibrandi has with her parents and her grandmother. This associates with adolescence as teenagers start to express their own views and opinions to their parents. Josephine Alibrandi argues with her mother about her visiting her grandmother after school, her school behaviour, her mother’s personal life, her mother’s relationship with men other than her father and her own relationship with Jacob Coote. These are all the issues that teenagers express via arguments to their parents. Another association with adolescence is peer pressure. Throughout the novel, Josephine is pressured by her friends to do something which she believes isn’t right. An example of this is the walk-a-thon where Josephine is put in charge of taking care of the back of the group but she abandons her duty as her friends convince her into skipping school to meet a celebrity. This is also the time where the peer pressure from their friends affects the decision making of adolescents. Themes Narration The narrator of…show more content…
Josephine was insulted as a “wog” since she is of Italian background instead of an Anglo-Saxon background. Josephine explains that Italians have a strong belief in Roman Catholicism, the women must not leave their husband after marriage, the mother’s behaviour reflects on her daughter and her mother explains that without Italians, there is no telecom business. This is different to the Australian culture as there are divorces and remarriages, beer and football. There are racial boundaries where Josephine’s grandmother Nonna Katia would disapprove of her boyfriend Jacob Coote as he isn’t

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