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The Effects Of Hazing Essay

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  • on May 3, 2011
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The effects of hazing
The amount of hazing going on is unacceptable. The things people are doing to each other are unacceptable. It is my thought that early education is the cure for the uncontrolled hazing which we face today. This education in my option should start in the beginning of middle school and at the very latest the start of high school. Although hazing is illegal in most states it is still very wide spread and common.
The history of hazing starts in ancient times. It was a way of initiation for soldiers. The first recorded use of hazing was 1855.The definition of hazing is “an initiation process involving harassment” (Webster). Back in the day the types of hazing were much more severe than in modern times but it is still unacceptable even I it was accepted back then. At that time, the hazing cases were much more severe, yet were accepted. I believe that these cases are just as unacceptable then as they are now. Some examples of this are that people were paddled and beaten, shoved in lockers, and were also generally abused verbally and physically. In a study that included one-hundred and sixty-seven athletes from 6 colleges and universities across the United States showed that 14% of the group had participated in kidnapping people and 17%
participated in binding people up or putting them in a small space (Van Reelte). However I feel that the amount of hazing has decreased while the numbers of reports have increased over time. This is because people have a better understanding what hazing is and it is wrong in many ways. It is wrong because it degrades the victims and makes them feel less human and more like a slave or an object belonging to the person or group that is doing the hazing. I think that there are more reports because people are becoming more aware that hazing is wrong and there are things that can be done about it.
The effects of hazing on a team’s morale are divers and reaches deep in to the heart of the team. It breaks down the...

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