The Effects of Computerizing Physician Orders to Prevent Medication Errors Essay

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The Effect of Computerizing Physician Orders to Prevent Medication Errors Background: Medication errors at the time of hospital admissions and discharges are common and can lead to preventable errors. The objection of this paper is to show how computerizing physician orders can help alleviate that problem and reduce it remarkably. Problem: The pt. was given the wrong dosage of 2 weeks supply of medication. Solution: Computerizing Physician Order Entry Proposed Improvement Plan: I choose this cause because it happen so often at my facility that pts. Are given the wrong dosage or wrong medications. Also since we have a paper base system the orders are delayed or not entered in a timely matter. The pharmacy serves two hospitals and receive he orders thru fax or by person dropping them off. You can imagine by amount of orders that come in on a daily basis, it is only human that an order is going to be missed. By implementing a computerized physician orders will facilitate in preventing orders. We can improved pt. safety by decreasing the amount of medication errors, and save money and time by preventing them. In today’s data medication errors result in at least one death per day and 1.3 million injuries per year. (1) The FDA has reported hospital drug errors have increased from 35,000 in 1998 to about 2005 in 2005. (1) Due to staffing shortages and increasing amount of work the staff is put on amount of stress put on them, the err is human. The implementation of the Electronic Medication Administration Record (Emar). Medication errors are any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medications error when in control of health care professional. Computerized physician orders allows the physician to enter the order directly into the computer system. By doing this u prevent illegible orders and medication drug –drug interactions.

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