The Effectivesness of Sentences on Sexual Crime on Rehabilitation and Re-Offending Rate

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The effectivesness of sentences on sexual crime on rehabilitation and re-offending rate. Abstract Sexual crimes has always been a very serious matter because there is always a huge impact on the victims which will later on affect them, even for the rest of their life. Also, it is an important factor for the offenders who had committed sexual crimes to rehabilitate in order to commit themselves into the society. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing sentencing system on sexual offences. With the increasing re-offending rate in recent years, it is a fundamental importance to understand those factors affecting the people to commit sexual crimes and the reasons of the reoffending. The second part is to evaluate the most commonly used sentence which imposed on the sexual offender on the aspect of rehabilitation. In this research, secondary resources and data it mainly used to examine the sentencing system on the sexual offences, some of other countries' work is also cited out as reference for the research. The existing sentencing system is obviously incompleteness that the reoffending rate of sexual crimes is high and devastating. Therefore, recommendations are also made in relation to the factors of this issue. Contents • Introduction P.3 • Discussion P.4-6 2.1 Factors of offending sex crimes--------------------------P.4 2.2 The re-offending rate of sexual offenders---------------P.5 2.3 Effectiveness of the sentences-----------------------------P.6 • Conclusion P.7 Introduction Sexual offense has been a long
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