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"The Dinner Party" Analytical Paragraph Essay

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  • on April 19, 2012
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bmirecka 11/26/10 2:10

Include title & author in the topic sentence – mention your LITERARY FEATURE and main idea or point of the paragraph bmirecka 11/26/10 2:10

Analytical Paragraph – three pieces of evidence “The Dinner Party” Mona Gardener employs strands of compelling visual imagery to demonstrate suspense in her short story “The Dinner Party”. Gardner first depicts the scene of the American naturalist studying the other guests of the party arguing when his eyes come over the hostess’s peculiar expression: “she is staring straight ahead, her muscles contracting slightly” (1). With the story beginning amidst a jubilant setting then suddenly twisting with the use of irony, the reader instantly realizes that the protagonist is in a quandary; however, the reader does not know why; the precise intensions of the author. The description of “her muscles contracting slightly” bestows upon the reader a sense of trepidation to what events will proceed. This minor sentence appeals to the visual sense having the reader construct a picture of Mrs. Wynnes’s face contorting in effect to the situation at hand. This chain of flamboyant visual imagery resumes in the next couple of sentences of the story. The scene of Mrs. Wynnes summoning her native servant is revealed. As she notifies him about her current circumstances, “the boy’s eyes widen; he quickly leaves the room” (1). Again, the effect is to entice the audience into reading further into the story. Already, when Mrs. Wynnes beckons her servant with the slightest gesture the reader begins to speculate what is happening, but when the “boy’s eyes widen” and he flees “quickly” the reader unavoidably realizes that something frightful is materializing. The way Gardner utilizes contrast in the paragraph from “slight” to “quickly” instantaneously captures the reader’s attention and keeps the story flowing with visual images towards the climax. The author first describes the American naturalist observing Mrs. Wynne’s...

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