Examples Of Mercutio In Act 1 Scene 5

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The scene starts off with Benvolio’s warning of a ‘brawl’ as the ‘hot’ weather is the ‘mad blood stirring.’ This warns the audience that something bad is about to happen. This creates anticipation . The audience should be well aware by then, that Benvolio is a nervous character, who can always predict when trouble is brewing. Mercutio ignores Benvolio’s warning. He starts teasing and provoking him, using puns and alliterations, like “ as soon moved to be moody and as soon moody to be moved.” This amuses Benvolio. He knows that he is not as hot tempered as Mercutio suggests he is. He tries to distract Mercutio by asking him whether he is ‘such a fellow.’ Mercutio remains argumentative. He makes up ridiculous puns, exaggerating Benvolio’s gentle…show more content…
They are the center of attention. The people gather around. Some are watching, some are taunting , and others provoke both Mercutio and Tybalt, trying to fuel their anger . Oblivious that they are in the ‘public haunt of men’, they don’t stop fighting. In my opinion, Shakespeare included this fight scene as an entertainment for the audience. In the 1600s, people tended to like brutal and barbarous entertainment like dog fighting. Shakespeare liked and wanted his audience to be interested throughout the whole play. After Act 2 scene 6, some of the audience would be bored of the marriage scene. The marriage scene moves slowly, displaying Romeo and Juliet’s obssessive love for each other. The story is at a standstill.Act 3 scene 1 gets the audience intrigued again , as it is a change a pace and the story moves quickly. The theme changes from romance to violence. As in most cliched stories , there are always happy endings. This change of theme from love to violence, acts like a twist in tale. The audience will be aroused by curiosity. They will be engrossed in the play once again, and will wait to see how this fight will affect the rest of the play. This is very crucial as back then, the audience could leave the theatre when they got bored. Shakespeare definitely didn’t want this to happen. In the middle of this violent theme, it changes to fate. As Romeo tries to stop the fight by standing in the middle of Mercutio and Tybalt, Mercutio is hurt under his arm. Tybalt did not mean to stab Mercutio enough to kill him, and the last thing Romeo wanted was to let Mercutio get hurt. Like most bullies, Tybalt runs away, portraying
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