The Deterioration Of Macbeth

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The Deterioration of Macbeth Most readers of Shakespeare’s Macbeth understand that the play is a tragedy and that the conclusion of the play is brought about by the tragic flaw of the play’s hero. Macbeth’s tragic flaw is his ambitious nature. The play shows the arc of a man who is destroyed by his own ambition. In doing so, a great irony is displayed to the play’s audience. As he becomes more ambitious and successful, his actual personal power and sanity decrease. The higher his ambition climbs, the more diminished he actually becomes. The climax of the play takes place just as the audience realizes that Macbeth has been totally overcome by his own strong ambition and lust for power. Macbeth’s attainment of power has resulted in…show more content…
93). His use of the world “false” is likely to be interpreted to mean his entire life and not just the face he is putting on as a murderer. After Macbeth murders Duncan, he tells Lady Macbeth that he feels as though he has murdered sleep. This seems to be a strange idea, but he explains to Lady Macbeth that sleep, for him, was lost when he murdered Duncan: “Methought I heard a voice cry “Sleep no more!/Macbeth does Murder sleep,” (2.2. 43-44). This simple line serves two purposes of suggesting that Macbeth is starting to go insane and also that, he has “murdered” the heart of peace in his own life and world. From here on out, Macbeth can be regarded as being at war with himself. The first Act of the play and most of the actions that come before Duncan's murder shows a "cold war" that is happening inside Macbeth. The cold war is brewing. It is pretty obvious that it will eventually turn "hot”. After Duncan's murder, it begins to seem as though Macbeth is actually divided into two warring minds in one body. The side of Macbeth that "murdered sleep" has proven to be a threat not only to Duncan, but to Macbeth himself. This side of Macbeth is obviously the side that is consumed with ambition, which is the polar opposite of

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