The Contributions of Western Civilization to World History

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Reflection Paper The contributions of Western Civilization to World History Undeniably, western civilization has contributed so much to world history in terms of social, cultural, political and education. When we speak of Western civilization it is most often synonymous to Greek and Roman Civilization. So what had these great civilizations given to world history? We can actually look around us and see many of them. Let me then enumerate those that are obvious: religion, culture, language, writings, architectures, sports, government, thinkers, philosophers and so much more. One of the contributions of Roman civilization was the spreading of Christianity. Though it must be noted that the founder of the religion is an Asian- Jesus Christ but the spread of this religion is attributed to the Romans. Recall Emperor Constantine as he officially established Christianity as the Religion of the Roman Empire and as it is at present, the seat of Christendom is at Vatican City in Rome. In language, many words still in used today have Greek or Roman etymology. The people that the Greek and Romans have conquered were greatly influenced by Latin languages especially the English Language. Not only that but even the customs and traditions were greatly imparted as well. Government buildings, roads and structures bear the architectural designs of these two civilizations. Greece has also contributed the Olympic Games which includes so many athletic events being played by contenders from all over the world. Unfortunately for the Philippines, we have not garnered any Gold medal yet. Another significant contribution in education is the Greek and Roman alphabet and numerals. We were also entertained by the Greek storyteller Aesop, whose fables have been handed down through ages until today. The most famous of his fables has a Tagalog translation- Si pagong at

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