The Characteristics of the Poorest Nations on Earth Means They Will Never Be Able to Develop

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The poorest nations on Earth are usually categorised by the term LDC, meaning ‘Least Developed Country.’ These low levels of development make it harder for the county to develop any further. Sierra Leone is an example of an LDC, and is at the bottom of the UN’s league for human development. Sierra Leone has a high level of dependency on its raw materials for income, Diamonds and Iron ore are highly sought after and the main consumers of these products are the industrialising and high level consumption nations such as China and the U.S. The issue is that these products are mined and manufactured by foreign companies. If the LEDC had the high enough levels of development it could educate it population and these profit providing process could be taxed and boost the economy of the LDC to allow such infrastructure to grow. With low levels of infrastructure health care is not as available as in MEDC nations. This causes LDC nations to have lower life expectancies and be less productive due to being ill. In Sierra Leone high levels of AIDS/ HIV, approximately 49,000, and outbreaks such as the deadly Ebola Virus means little taxes can be taken as unemployment is high. As a consequence many LDC nations rely on foreign health and economic aid putting them in a situation of unrepayable debt, so even less money can be spent on infrastructure and supporting the economy. As a consequence due to low levels of development FDI is more likely to look elsewhere where the economy and governments and stronger and more stable and where there are educated people. South Korea is not extremely religiously orientated, with half of all adults professing no religion. This could be seen as a reason for preventing development in other nations, as religion and tribalism segregate the nation and can lead to conflicts which damage the

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