The Caste System

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The Caste System in India was created over three thousand years ago and is a set of religious laws Hindus follow as well as a system to separate the classes of the society.[1] There are four main divisions in the caste system and they are the Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudra. The Brahmin are priests and are also part of the highest caste and are considered to been reborn twice. The Kshatriyas are the warrior class who protect the people, they are considered to be reborn once. The Vaishyas are the merchant and peasant caste. The Shudra are meant to serve the other three castes and cannot study the Vedas nor are they allowed to hear ceremonies or chants. They cannot eat with or marry other castes. Then there are the Untouchables which are not one of the divisions of the Caste System but instead was a caste created by the people. They perform jobs that are considered disgraceful to the higher castes such as garbage disposal and cleaning toilets.[2] Hinduism is based on the idea of reincarnation, Hindus believe that life flows in a constant circle beginning with birth, life, and death and the only way to break the cycle is by completing moksha.[3] Moksha is complete liberation from the endless cycle of rebirths and is attained through the true realization of why one has been put on earth.[4] There are four life goals in Hinduism that helps one realize and appreciate the true meaning behind salvation. These three goals are kama, artha, and dharma which result in moksha. These are life goals Hindus strive to achieve in their lifetime in order to break the cycle. In order to achieve moksha it is necessary to achieve the three goals in life, kama, artha, and dharma, and in order to complete these, the Caste System needs to exist and therefore will always be a key part of Hinduism. Kama is one of the three goals of life and focuses more on finding joy and
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