The Case of Jesus Gonzales

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Case Study – Jesus Gonzales A teaching case is a story that describes a specific and complex situation that is written as an educational tool for exploring critical issues and develop a response. Teaching cases are a vital part of the review and improvement of the education system. The study of these cases to illuminate and encourage educators to consider each student as an individual student. The plight of Jesús González education lies in the balance. There are several areas of concern in your case, teaching. Jesus Gonzalez is struggling first grader. He is a member of a family of migrant farm workers. They live in a community that is mostly whites in the Midwest. The Gonzalez family considered lucky to live in a small trailer on the property of your employer. Their parents earn minimum wage, but rental costs that are making ends meet. The case is about Jesus Gonzalez, but the secondary characters are definitely worth mentioning. The main focus of Mr. González is providing for his family. Their standard of living is well below the poverty level and I’m sure there are some hand-to-mouth survivor. I come to this country is seen as a way for the job opportunity and education for their children, but when there is work to do, education must take a back seat to survival. Ms. González valued education and family values. She does not dare let Jesus associate with their peers at school because of what she sees as an undesirable influence on your child. She recognizes that the medium is the day set in a world that is not related to, but is forced to reconcile all that with his desire to excel for Jesus. Jesus’ struggle to learn English and to fit in with their classmates is evident. Jesus does not like to be different from other students and would like the fact that their parents only speak Spanish unless mentioned. Jesus strives in all important areas such as reading,
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