The Assassination Of Jfk

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Essay Plan Who: Seamus O’ Shanahan When: Late 1950’s to the early 1960’s Where: Dallas, Texas What’s happening: Seamus is awaiting the arrival of John F. Kennedy. I am focusing on the life of Seamus leading up to the current event. President Kennedy has now been assassinated and I’m focusing on Seamus’ reaction to the tragedy. Subject: Seamus O’Shanahan witnesses the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas during the month of November 1963. Thesis: Seamus is filled with excitement, vigor, happiness, and wonder as he awaits the arrival President Kennedy’s motorcade. Seamus witnesses the assassination of President Kennedy. Seamus feels as if he witnesses the death of a dream. Perhaps his own? Essay Map 1. Describe Seamus’ life leading up to current events. 2. Show what lead Seamus to this day. 3. Describe emotions and scenery awaiting the arrival Of President Kennedy. 4. Describe the emotions that Seamus feels when President Kennedy is assassinated. 5. Seamus’ next steps after the assassination. The Assassination of JFK The heavy anticipation weighed like an anvil on Seamus O’Shanahan. (verb metaphor) He was awaiting (present participle) the arrival of President John F. Kennedy. (Who) “Any minute now I will see (sight) President Kennedy” he spoke aloud. Seamus was born in Dallas, Texas (Where) in 1938 (When) to Irish immigrants. As a young (Adjective) lad, (noun) he was always interested in airplanes, the fighter pilots that he saw in the movies, and he always wondered (POV self- reflection) what it would be like to fly. (verb) After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics, he decided to join the Navy and fly the F-4 Phantom, a fighter jet known for supersonic speeds and the first of its kind to use only missiles to defend itself. (Why) A few years passed and one hot, humid, sunny day he was approached

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