Killing Lincoln Book Summary

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Killing Lincoln The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever At Lincoln’s second inaugural on Saturday, March 4, 1865, the surroundings were hectic as a large crowd stood out in heavy rain, and Vice President Andrew Johnson embarrassed all with a “drunken, twenty-minute ramble.” Lincoln’s genuine plea for reunification was an inspirational relief. Rather quickly we are shown the approach of John Wilkes Booth, who lunged at Lincoln during his speech, later telling the policeman that he’d only, stumbled. O’ Riley then writes that there is “a most powerful evil...bearing down on Abraham Lincoln,”. But, events prove that it was not completely powerful. Booth killed Lincoln, but his own wrong ruined him. Part one, titled “Total War”, opens on the evening of April 1, 1965 in City Point, Virginia, fourteen days before President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. As he walks along the deck of the steamboat named River Queen, “unprotected and unafraid,” Lincoln wonders when the differences that have divided the country will ever end. As the final days of the war unfold, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant are engaged in battle. The battle ground scenes are fascinating, describing the thoughts, strategies and emotions on both sides. In addition to insight into the plans and strategy of Grant and Lee, readers learn about the sacrifices of warriors on both sides of the battle ---which are Sheridan, Meade, Custer, Washburn, Gordon and Longstreet --- and the range of actions, from heroics and bravery to jealousy. Part two of the book, titled “The Ides of Death”, opens on the night of April 10th in Washington, D.C. with citizens of the nation celebrating the end of the war. Crowds –drunken and eager- come together outside the White House, yearning to hear a speech of vengeance against the South, but Lincoln’s intent is to unite the divided nation. Also
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