The 1960's 'The Decade When Everything Changed'

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| Time Capsule Study | | | Jeff Harris | | | It is the year 2325. Our expedition has uncovered a time capsule that was buried in 1969. There are 5 precious items inside: 1: An article about President John F. Kennedy’s presidential run. It states that “his eloquence moves masses.”(Life. The 1960’s The Decade When Everything Changed.) He won America’s heart with his words and sought to make the United States an equal and prosperous place for all to live. 2: A picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech. In 1963 King doggedly set out to end segregation. He traveled far and wide to get his message to the people. He inspired others to act also. Many took to protesting in the streets for equality. It was an amazing
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