The Similarities of Barack Obama’s and John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Inaugural Addresses

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Inaugural Address of Barack Obama as well as John Fitzgerald Kennedy is powerful, highly infectious and is considered a classic speech. There are some similarities in them, either in propose or the usage of rhetorical device. Firstly, the ideas delivered mainly focus on the current situation, and inspiration of American dreams. Being confronted with the Cold War, in his address what Kennedy wants to deliver is to make the whole world know its policy, let all the nations understand its choice, that is, America will take the significant task to bring the freedom back, the freedom of its own nation, the freedom of the world. He believes and he wants all the people to believe that America will finally take the role of leading the world into a bright future, with the help of its incomparable democratic tradition, its progresses in science and technology and military affairs and its people’s hard efforts. In order to perfectly address his ideas, he makes use of many rhetorical devices. Being faced with the terrible Financial Crisis, the loss of Public confidence, Obama makes his address a horn to inspire Public confidence, a warranty to get democracy power, and a banner to recall America dream. He tries to make his people believe that America and American spirit would conquer the serious economic situation, and change it into a more prosperous country. Both of them are addressing their speech when America is in tough situation. So they choose to put the American dreams, their glorious tradition- democracy, the love of their country and the vital role America will take in the near future. By reviewing the history and the efforts made by their forefather who have carried American up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom, they show determination to go along with this convention, leading America to a better day. Besides, they both emphasize the

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