Terrorist Attack on Mumbai

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Terrorist Attack on Mumbai Late Wednesday night, November 26th, Mumbai, India found itself the target of a ferocious terrorist attack. According to reports, upwards of 60 young men entered Mumbai in small inflatable boats on Wednesday night, carrying bags filled with weapons and ammunition, and spread out to nine locations to begin their attacks. The shooting started at a railroad station, one of the world's busiest. Within the hour, other attacks took place at four other locations: the Nariman House, Leopold's restaurant, the Oberoi hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, and a favorite watering hole of the city's elite. The next day a large fire broke out at the Taj Mahal hotel. Just hours later Indian security forces were brought in to try to retake the hotel. Attacks and fighting continued for the next 2 days. Of the at least 172 people killed, 19 were foreigners, including businessmen and tourists. Among them were six Americans. Nine gunmen and 20 police and soldiers are also killed. Later on the only known surviving attacker told police that his group trained for months in camps operated by a banned Pakistani militant group, learning close-combat techniques, explosives training and other tactics for their three-day siege. India has demanded that Pakistan take "strong action" against those behind the deadly Mumbai attacks. Personally this whole situation frightens me. I believe the Indian commandos and police forces reacted extremely slowly and that the terrorist militants knew more about what they were doing then the police knew about how to stop them. Now with Obama coming into office, interrogating has become more difficult. Officials are confused and unsure of what to do because Obama hasn’t clarified what “torture” is, but he has clearly stated that Americans do not torture; a tactful method used in the past to help receive useful information from

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