Telling the President About Gross Calculation by Accounting

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a) What are the consequences of telling the president of your gross miscalculation? In order to determine the sales and income projection, it is useful to forecast the budget based on prior performance of the company. The business performance of the current year will shows how the company is actually performed and this is a good indication to expect the company will perform better in future. As to obtain an accurate sales projection, we collected all the information from the company because each area of business operation might have a separate budget. For example, Fernetti Conductor has a specific budget for advertising, purchasing, sales production and cash budget. Then, each budget should be compiled into a master budget for the operations of the entire company. The consequences of telling the president of gross miscalculation are as follows; 1) The sales budget predicts the number of units a company expects to sell. Therefore, by inform the President that sales projection is overstated; he can correct his statement by telling the audience the new target units that shoul be produced by the company. 2) The sales budget calculates how much the company will spend to produce the required number of units. The president should do further consideration in terms of capital and labor costs. Does company have an adequate capital to produce the required number of units? And if the answer is no, they should look for other alternatives such as borrowing and others. 3) The sales budget is to estimate the profitability. As we know, sales budget is used to structure the company in a way to maximize profits. With an accurate projection of future sales, the company is actually can save the expenses and protects the company from failing. If the sales projection is overstated, the president has to decide whether to proceed or to have other alternative planning.

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